Our Mission

In response to the Ebola outbreak, the academic consortium combating Ebola in Liberia (ACCEL) was recently awarded a $7.5 million grant as part of Paul G. Allen’s $100 million #TackleEbola initiative. ACCEL is working closely with our partners in Liberia.

Our goal is to have a sustainable impact and, after Ebola is defeated, resume support for medical education, training and research to improve the health of all Liberians. This goal is being supported by three specific aims:

AIM 1:To provide direct, immediate relief on the ground through Recruitment of Healthcare workers from US Academic Medical Centers  to partner in Liberian Health Systems Strengthening.

AIM 2:To provide training, mentoring and support along with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and decontamination and laboratory supplies, to enable the reopening of district and community hospitals necessary to meet the basic health care needs of the population.

AIM 3: To support hospital laboratory function, blood banking and transfusion services in the country.


Get Involved

As Liberia begins to recover from the recent Ebola Virus epidemic, plans are being made to reopen the medical training programs to increase the number of trained physicians who are so desperately needed in this country. 

ACCEL is a group of academic medical centers which has been partnering with the AM Dogliotti Medical School, the Liberian Post Graduate Medical Council and multiple government hospitals througout Liberia over the past seven years. The goal of this partnership has been to help train physicians, nurses and lab technicians and increase the healthcare workforce in Liberia.

We are currently looking to hire lab technicians, nurses and physician educators to help fill vacated positions so that these important training programs can be restarted. Programs will begin as early as March 2015. Length of deployment will vary depending on the position being filled. Click here for more information.

Our Partners

The Academic Consortium Combatting Ebola in Liberia is a partnership between academic medical centers that have worked together in Liberia  over the past 7 years.

ACCEL is partnered with the Liberian Post Graduate Medical Council (LPGMC), the Liberian Ministry of Health, the AM Dogliotti Medical School and 22 Liberian Government Hospitals.