AIM 3: Lab Capacity Building

Clinical Lab Support

  • In coordination with CDC, we are bringing supplies/equipment to expand lab capabilities and improve biosafety within labs across Liberia
  • Providing basic lab reagents and supplies at Redemption Hospital, a public hospital focused on maternal-child health
  • Supporting a feasibility trial of Biocartis Idylla, a promising point-of-care rapid qPCR platform that can minimize risk to lab techs and abrogate the need for expensive lab containment
  • Acquiring Corgenix ReEBOV rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) just approved by WHO and will support their implementation at Redemption.
  • Hiring and training local lab techs at Redemption Hospital and Tappita

Transfusion Support

  • We have worked with Grifols to donate a plasmapheresis center to the Liberian Ministry of Health. This center will allow large scale plasma collection for use in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases (including Ebola).
  • ACCEL and Grifols will support the long term co-localization of the Monserrado Regional Blood Center with the Grifols Facility
  • ACCEL is acquiring equipment and working to transition the regional blood center from whole blood to blood component production (plasma, red cells, platelets).