Lab Personnel

In partnership with the Ministry of Health of Liberia we are working in the laboratory to:

 (1) Improve the production of convalescent plasma through revitalization of blood banking and transfusion services in Liberia;

(2)  Safely reopen hospitals by providing both Ebola diagnostics and improve basic clinical lab services.

We are therefore seeking dedicated experienced laboratory personnel with broad experience in transfusion, molecular diagnostics, and clinical laboratories.  Individuals will be embedded within laboratories training teaching and working side-by-side to provide both short term and long-lasting improvements.

In transfusion medicine the main goals are:

(1) Help increase the collection of convalescent whole blood

(2) Implementing component manufacture to produce convalescent plasma as well as components for the overall health care system.

(3) Provide further training to Liberians


In clinical laboratory the main goals are:

(1) Implement/maintain Ebola molecular testing within hospitals

(2) Help implement rapid diagnostics for Ebola as they become available

(3) Increasing basic laboratory capabilities in order to improve the treatment of other diseases and improve differential diagnosis.

The ability to deploy long-term through October 2015 is preferred but short-term assignments are available. Long-term individuals can be hired as full-time employees with standard benefits or possibly contracted through their home institutions.